17 Nov 2013

The week was spent fine tuning the book and adding comments regarding the track experience. My buddy is still checking his copy over for grammatical issues, which means I’ll have about a week to implement his fixes before the book goes live.

Forgot to mention that at Fontana last week, oil temperature got up to 126 deg C (258 deg F). For synthetic it’s “okay” for a while, but the high temperature also caused the oil to thin and oil pressure dropped to as low as 48 psi. I could either “fix it” by going with thicker oil, or do it the right way and get a larger cooler. The new one’s on the way.

When we were there, my brother recorded Midlana from outside with a handheld camcorder. It gave a good chance to see how the car sounds, and though it’s not edited down yet, I’ll post it sometime this week. One downside to Fontana is that from the infield (where everyone was) there are very few places to see much of the track. Anyhow, check back in a day or so for some cool engine noises 🙂