17 Sept 2017

Two actual, real, car-related posts!

First, the composite bits are back! The painter said it took a lot longer to smooth them out than he expected – huh, and he wondered why I didn’t do the work myself. He took way longer than he said he would, and charged more than I would have liked, and yet it was totally worth it, psychologically at least.

As they sit in the pictures, both are just resting on the car. The front section has to get tucked under the windscreen frame and either riveted or screwed down. The rear does as well in addition to adding foam gasket material between the two pieces and around the intercooler. Also, looking into the inlet,┬áthe insides need to be painted flat black. As it is, it’s too easy to see how rough and unfinished the innards are.

In the other car-related news, my brother again attended the Virginia City, NV hill-climb. He sent several updates and while he doesn’t yet know how he did, he said there’s probably about a million dollars – literally – of wrecked or damaged cars. Several went off, several hit the banks or guard railing, and then there was someone who left the line in a McLaren of some sort, in launch control, backwards. I’ll have to wait and see if this isn’t a myth because I’d have expected the engineers to lock-out that from even happening. On the other hand,┬ámaybe they never considered anyone doing such a crazy thing.