18 Apr 2010

Mentally, wiring’s the toughest part of the project, as it was with Kimini. It’s not hard, just detailed, weeks going by and the car looks the same other than wires moving around. It’s like having to move a 10-ton pile of sand with a plastic spoon.

Anyhow, all is not dark. The good thing is that there’s no deadline. It is getting done, one spoonful, one wire, at a time. It’s a good feeling, trimming each wire and pulling the excess out of the harness – watching it slowly getting simpler and cleaner – one step closer. Setting up the flat-dash to work with the logger and ECU will be the most tense part of the operation. Well, not wiring it… switching it on for the first time.

Took Midi to Dog Beach again. Man, all the dogs sure enjoy themselves, sort of like Dog Heaven. Big dogs, little dogs, young, old and in between, they were running all over the place. I counted 37 dogs and they were having the time of their lives – the things we do for our kids.