18 Feb 2013

Both front fenders are done, and a lot of work for what they are, though only one is attached to its stays. There’s still the windscreen and rear fenders so it’ll be another week before it’s really ready. As was said, we’ll see how long the wait is for the inspection then go from there.

Speaking of the rear fenders, the one in the picture is sitting loose on the tire. I wonder why no one mounts them as I have it mocked up, covering more of the rear of the tire than the front. Rear fenders on Locosts get beat to death by rocks kicked up by the front tires. But if they’re oriented as shown, it seems like an easy way to sidestep the problem altogether, letting the rocks hit the rear tire directly and saving the fenders. Have to think about it.

A buddy who has driven his home-built three-wheeler (Google “Shrike”) over 100,000 miles said that his fenders lasted about a month before failing due to metal fatigue. He never replaced them and never really missed them. We’ll see.