19 Jan 2014

I recently purchased a book (ironically, from Lulu, the same printer I use for my book) and it was spiral bound. The binding wasn’t as bad as expected, so I’m working on a spiral-bound version on my book; it’ll be the exact same book, but will lay flat better. What I don’t care for how spiral bound books tend to slide down, which drives me nuts, but maybe it doesn’t bother others. This way, buyers will have a choice. It’ll be announced once different cover art is figured out. (Or, I may not bother, as no one’s asked for it…)

In other news, I was at CarMax, a no-negotiation car dealer. People typically take in cars when they need immediate cash, or are just fed up with them, and there was a pristine Acura NSX being examined by the dealer. The owner stood by, and I heard his muttering that he wasn’t happy with the car, which in my mind is suicide from a negotiating standpoint; it’s exactly what buyers want to hear, immediately lowballing the owner. I was almost tempted to tell the owner that I’d give him $100 more than whatever they offered him, but didn’t because I have no where to keep it (at one point I really wanted one of those). It was a shame to see it go that way though I never did find out what was wrong with it. CarMax also had a couple Z06 Corvettes on the lot, but they were $40K-$45K, which didn’t seem like a bargain. No, I was just tagging along, not buying, but thought it an interesting data point.