19 May 2013

As mentioned a few times, my parents are getting old; dad’s hitting 93 this year – a good run, but we know how things always end. As millions of children have already learned, what happens with elderly parents can be a huge emotional load, and the parents play a big part in it. They seem to end up in one of two groups; either philosophical about life, very calm, and very accepting. Or, end up in the “mean old man” group, perpetually grumpy and nasty… I told my wife that if I ever get that way, just take me out behind the woodshed and hit me over the head with a shovel… It’s very difficult trying to care for someone who doesn’t want it, even when they very much need it.

Discussed the situation with a social worker, and she laughed and said “welcome to the club”, saying that she hears the same story a million times. She said that ultimately, you have to let them do what they want, as the laws are written such that they always have the last say, which makes sense… to a point. My brother said that another social worker had an interesting comment, “Grown kids come to us all the time, thinking that they have problems caring for their parents, and yet when you ask the parents, they say ‘what problems?’ ” I guess that’s another form of the same: just let them do what they want.

Nothing done this weekend car-wise other than ordering the 8.7 psi wastegate springs, which will “probably” result in a boost level of right around 10-11 psi.

Finished the first retaining wall – I actually like doing new stuff even if it’s laborious. We’ll see how I like doing the second wall…