19 Nov 2017

As the Christmas shopping season looms, so too do discounts by Lulu, Midlana’s book printer. While I try to announce discounts, they come and go so frequently they’re hard to keep track of. The most current code is “BOOKSHIP17” which gets you 10% off the book or 50% off shipping (good until 11/20). Their discounts are rather random so if you wait a few days, the discount may (or may not) go up – last year it got up to 30%, but who knows. Lulu comes up with the discounts on their own; authors are neither involved nor notified.

If you’re planning to buy a copy (thank you!) note that there are two versions: “perfect” binding, and spiral-bound. Perfect binding is what a traditional book uses,  while spiral-bound is best if you need to reference a given page often, like while in the garage building your car! (FWIW, spiral-bound outsells regular binding by about 4:1).

In Midlana-related news, I cruised around for 2-3 hours today. Ended up behind a nice-sounding Type-F Jaguar convertible at one point, but of course, car fun was terminated by one of the antichrist’s minions – a Prius. It was just as well; I was a bit concerned how nuts he was thinking of being, us being on the same twisty road that killed a guy not three years ago in his Arial Atom – but this guy behaved and I didn’t ride his bumper to push him. There was that, and then there was his license plate, “Jms Bond.” Brother…