19 Sep 2011

Did the rough-cut on the air filter hole on the engine cover. The filter housing cover itself will take a bit of doing and I got distracted and did the screen on the intercooler inlet instead. I’m not to thrilled how it turned out but it’s a case of functionality. It was tempting to do big louvers to match those at the front, but the trouble is, being where it’s located, it’s going to take a lot of hits from rocks kicked up by the front tires. If the louvers point forward, they’d catch the rocks directly which will then bounce off the louvers and hit the intercooler fins. If the louvers point aft, they’d then catch the rocks bouncing off the fender… it’s always something. The screen will actually do well to deflect the stones coming in at a angle, and if everything behind it is painted black I think it’ll end up looking okay. Some of the panel visible now will be trimmed back to increase the surface area of the inlet, which should also help improve the look. Another is also needed for the other side.