2 Jul 2011

Mocked-up and fabricated the top radiator panel, and 0.040″ 3003 aluminum is a joy to work with, about as easy to cut as cardboard and easy to bend. Anyway, between the heat, figuring out the panel and fabricating it, somehow the entire day disappeared. The rear cardboard cut-outs for the springs was done away with as I couldn’t justify it other than looks; it’s just going to get in the way when needing to access the front area.

Part of the staring-at-things included how – styling-wise – to treat the hot air exiting between the body and front tires. It’ll probably be a bolt-in affair that is easily removable yet is hopefully good-looking. It’ll probably be mesh which will match the front and rear grills, but it would might look good with large louvers. Might have to try it in cardboard first.