20 Nov 2008

Here is Midlana with a traditional Seven rear end which looks pretty good. It has a convenient area on top to vent engine compartment heat yet not be visually cluttered when viewed from behind, and gives room to fully hide the muffler. However, the engine cover that builders chose will be entirely up to them due to strong and very differing opinions of what looks best. The book will provide suggestions but not dictate a solution since it’s clear everyone wants to do their own thing, which is great! The only question is if hot engine compartment air might swirl forward due to the low pressure behind the windscreen. Or, will air pressure be lower behind the car so it isn’t an issue? Guess we’ll find out.

What’s not yet decided is how much of the bodywork will be removable around the engine. It would be nice if the entire rear area could be removed: fenders, rear panel, and top cover, to ease access, something I didn’t do so well on Kimini.