20 Sep 2010

Good news, mostly.

Stopped by the local Honda go-fast shop and, surprise, they don’t stock what I need – should have called first. Yes they could get it but it will take time… no, no, no. So that forces the situation: make what I have work. The existing setup was measured to see how much the injectors could be pulled out of the fuel rail when in-place: ~0.15″, which is huge. The first shot shows how the injectors sit in the rail with fuel pressure applied… gee, no surprise they leak. I can’t figure out why the manufacturer added slots in the injector bosses, anyone know? All it does is provide a leak path, which it did. So spacers were made up to keep the injectors seated in the fuel rail, pushing them into the fuel rail by adding the spacers at the intake manifold side of the injectors.

That done, the fuel system was pressurized again and, surprise, no leaks. Good, so a second start was tried, and it did, though idle was so-so, and annoyingly, the tachometer isn’t registering (here we go again.) Anyhow, managed to run the engine for a bit, but as it warmed up, the idle got slower and slower. Applying any throttle whatsoever immediately causes it to die. Either the tune is completely off (entirely possible), or there’s a vacuum leak – hope not.

There was a coolant leak at one fitting so things had to come apart for that, but otherwise nothing terrible happened. I just wish it would idle smoothly so it could be left to run until everything came up to temperature. Overall I’m happy but that tach is an irritation, but not a show-stopper.

So the question now is, is it good enough to present to the dyno shop? I’m going to call them and have them watch the video and tell me what they think. Don’t want tow it 90 miles each way just to hear, “can’t work with this, bring it back when it runs right.”