21 May 2009

The rack mount is done, requiring, as always, endless mocking-up, measuring, and re-measuring to make sure all is well. Shims will be used for the final adjustment to dial out bumpsteer. There is no diagonal in the bay because it is small enough that the floorpan will handle side forces.

Started in on the remaining tubes on the rear suspension. Tomorrow I’ll get the second argon tank filled in anticipation of a long welding session, finishing up the main chassis. The engine gasket set arrived so everything is set for delivery to the engine builder next week 🙂

Tried fitting up the stainless firewall but found it’s very hard to put into position. It’ll have to be cut in half, either vertically or horizontally to ease installation. Either way there needs to be a large removable section for engine access. Depending upon the chosen engine, the front may be difficult to get at if the intake manifold prevents access from above. Access from below is not possible either if a full floorpan is used.