21 Sept 2014

About time for an update.

First the good news: My brother’s LS3 engine swap is running and he is starting shakedown drives ahead of our road trip. Meanwhile, I continued work on the water/methanol system installation and it’s now complete and ready for tuning…

The other sort-of good news is that I don’t need the water/meth system for our trip – it appears the brand new controller is dead. Realizing the chances of that are slim compared to me miswiring it, everything was checked out. It doesn’t help that the unit has no power indicator, no indication whatsoever that it’s working or even on standby. Besides how it’s supposed to work (pump starts when boost hits X psi), there’s a Test button to check functionality… which does exactly nothing. The following was checked:

1. The pump works fine wired directly to 12V.
2. The cable running from the pump to the controller is good and runs to the correct pins.
3. 12V is wired to the controller on the correct pins.
4. The fuse is good.

Thinking that maybe the Test switch was defective, the boost, throttle, and rpm trip points were adjusted to zero in order to trigger the pump with the car at rest – again, nothing. Looks like AEM Support will be getting a phone call tomorrow. I’ll admit that the thought ran through my head, “I wonder if this would happen with an Aquamist system.” Sigh… Even if AEM fires off a new one immediately, it’s up in the air whether it’ll be fully functional for the trip, but it won’t hold things up either.