22 Aug 2010

Heading into the warmest few weeks of the year – very unpleasant to be in the garage. Good news bad news. The good news is that the problem’s been isolatedĀ for why ECU data’s not appearing on the dash; the bad news being that it appears to be the ECU Interface module. With it’s hooked up per the manual and feeding the output directly into a PC – nothing. Took it apart and put the scope on it, which showed data’s coming in on the right pin, the board’s powered up, but nothing’s coming out. Oddly, it reflashed okay so it’s at least somewhat functional. Waiting to hear from the U.S. rep.

Regarding how the dash seemed to only take a portion of its configuration was answered (sort of) by Race Technology, that until the value changes the first time, the dash won’t display it or the title. In other depressing electronics news, there’s growing suspicion that the used engine computer I bought has problems. Ever since Day 1, Air/Fuel has always been frozen, even after checking and rechecking the wiring – it’s as if the ECU’s monitoring circuit is bad. Connecting everything up recently shows that MAP is stuck reading -28.9″ all the time regardless what voltage is fed into the ECU. Thoroughly checking out the wiring shows no problems… crap.

Left to ponder the above, attention turned to the short list of stuff left to do. Fabricated the spacers for the tops of the front uprights. mounted the steering rack, installed the various C-clips on the spherical bearings, put in the keepers for the bottom shock mounts. There’s still the hi/low boost switch and scaling the oil temp and pressure sensors, but it’s just too warm.