22 Feb 2009

I changed the shape of the diffuser. The Katz book only has downforce data for flat diffusers yet all recent cars use smoothly-curving diffusers. That means they probably work better so I’m going that way (who knows if a diffuser on a Sevenesque car will do much anyway but it’s worth a try.) With it curved it also provides slightly more space for the muffler. It does look funny, like skis, but the side panels and fenders will cover them. It will look interesting from the rear though and above the diffuser will be engine compartment vents. The idea is that low pressure air exiting the diffuser will suck hot engine compartment air out through the vents.

Starting on the rear suspension bracketry. I must have measured wrong because my CAD drawing shows I have an inch of clearance under the rear suspension bracket – nope – it’s actually more like zero, which makes the rear mount easier to make. Another good thing is that since it’s so low there’s plenty of room to get the engine out even after it’s in place.

Once the fuel sender gets here I may take a break from the chassis and build the tank. It needs to be in place to make it clear where the control cables and coolant lines need to run. (If you haven’t noticed I like to use the actual parts during construction. It’s the only way to make really, really sure it’ll all fit together.) Speaking of control cables, it doesn’t look like the stock e-brake cable will reach, oh well. I’m investigating what it takes to get the gas tank parts cut via CNC. That would save a ton of time but as always it’s a time-versus-cost issue.

Check out the size of those huge rear fenders. I haven’t measured to see if the full width will be needed but I suspect they will be. They’ll look pretty menacing.

The forum’s starting to get more active which is good. The idea is to have it reach critical mass (meaning, a decent number of posts per day) before the car’s done and the book’s finished. Oh and it’s looking like another beta-tester will be coming on-line. In case anyone’s wondering, two “beta-builders” are enough, any more and it becomes too much to deal with.