22 Nov 2008

My brother took his Super Stalker to its first trackday event at California Speedway in Fontana, CA. He had a great time (other than being sore the next day.) The car did well other than a miss in 5th gear that may be hard to diagnose, and the right front tire seems to have too much camber which is odd. He did just under a 2-minute lap and was barely outpaced by a 300 hp Arial Atom. Given that the Atom is supposed to have 25% more power (versus the Stalker’s 240 hp) and had stickier tires it should have walked away from him but didn’t. Than again much of driving is mental. My brother – and other drivers – admit that while their cars could go faster, driving on a superspeedway is mighty intimidating, having a wall to the right that’ll stop you like a bug on a windshield. Just how far out do you hang the back end at 135 mph when there’s no national championship on the line, never mind being older and more aware of one’s mortality? Anyhow, he had a good time and the car did well.