23 Aug 2016

I think I’m going with the intake along the top edge of the windscreen. As the pictures show, there’s an area aft of the X-tubes and forward of the main roll hoop where a duct could duck (sorry) down and keep the overall profile low. The more I look at it the more it seems like the best compromise. It could turn into a substantial project though, with the duct being an integrated part of a roof with future provisions for doors. Someone who’s been down this road recommends a duct area no less than 25% of the intercooler area – that’s doable with this layout. It means that the duct could be as narrow as 3″ wide as seen from behind, and in the rear view mirror – yes, I haven’t let that go yet. Another plus is that if and when a rear wing is needed for track events, the duct work will be well out of the way airflow-wise.