24 Aug 2009

The creature has a face! The headlight mounts took way longer than expected. It’s what happens when I go into something with no idea how to do it, figuring, “how hard could it be?” Yeah well, even the simplest thing can take a while – doing it over and over as I figured out during “prime time” how to do it the simple way. Good thing builders won’t have to do the same. They turned out great, as well they should for having consumed half a day. I like how they block very little of the driver’s view. They’re fairly low (21″) but builders can raise them if needed. The suspension bracket and chassis tube is a good sturdy base off which to mount them.

Regarding the side panels, not sure how to fasten adjoining riveted panels. I think overlapped panels would look bad, so maybe drilled strips welded to the tubes might work. Doing that deals with some people’s concern about drilling holes in the chassis. We’ll see.

Still no shifter cables. Off to jury duty tomorrow! I hear the way to speed things along is to tell the court, “I can spot a guilty person like that (finger snap.)”