24 Aug 2014

Frustration and validation…

Decided to enable electronic boost control, a feature my ECU has which allows dynamically adjusting boost, sort of a poor man’s traction control. The ECU does this by switching an valve on and off at such a speed that it allows only a percentage of the compressed air to reach the wastegates. After getting it plumbed and enabling the feature, it was good to hear the valve start clicking, but that was the end of the good news.

No matter what valve duty cycle was set to, the valve continued clicking at about 10 Hz, and yet starting the engine makes it stop clicking. As far as I can tell it’s wired correctly since enabling and disabling it works. It’s a really strange problem and no one else in the Interweb seems to have this same issue. With everyone else it either works great or not at all, usually due to miswiring or wrongly configured. I seem to have a problem half way between the two.

Got fed up with it and went to visit mom, and toward the end of the day, figured there was nothing to lose by driving it, and was rather surprised that it was working! Seems that Hondata has a bug in their code such that it has issues when testing the engine without it running, but at this point I just don’t care too much and am just glad that it’s working. The reason I need boost control running is so that the ECU can instantly dial out boost if there’s a problem… with the water/meth unit that will be installed later.

In other news, a turbocharger turbine housing jacket was added to contain the heat instead of it radiating into the engine compartment. I’m still waiting on the louvered panel to get painted.