24 Jan

In preparation for replacing the springs the shocks were removed and disassembled. Being an engineer, I wanted to calculate the forces on the rear suspension, but realized doing so was pointless – I already know the suspension was bottoming. The new springs should be here Tuesday or Wednesday and it’ll be back together by the weekend. A test drive will show whether it’s tolerable – though the answer will have to be “it’ll do.”

Sized up the proposed mods for the rear lower panel, probably cutting it back to right below the license plate and replacing it with stainless mesh the same as the existing mesh above. Also, I’m seriously considering making a true diffuser for the bottom back edge of the car. It would be the full width of the chassis and trail behind by 46-61 cm (18-24″). Haven’t decided what to do about the dented and scratched side panel; some have suggested proudly leaving it like a scar from a bar fight. We’ll see.