24 May 2009

The chassis is now fully welded – well, the structural portion.

Regarding the rear of the car, I changed my mind – again. Two trailer fenders had been purchased as a cheap source of an otherwise impossible-to-make curved corner radius. I wasn’t going to use them because the rear was going to be the traditional Seven back end. However, since they’d be dropped into the trash can it was worth a shot to see if they’d work out. Turns out they work great – since the chassis was originally designed to use them in the first place. Soooo, they’ll be used, which dictates the rear of the car will have a curved panel like a ’30’s hot-rod. Some will like it, some won’t, but I do, and builders can do whatever they like!

In the second picture, the white flange is what the rear fender attaches to, while the rusty fender dictates the rear cover perimeter. The fender will get narrowed down so that only the curved flange and enough material to create a flange is kept. Note the last picture with some incentive sitting roughly where it’ll mount – the turbocharger – pretty exciting.

In other news I’m reading Smokey Yunick’s autobiography and it’s great. Raw, harsh, many typos, he repeats himself, but it’s great stuff, unedited, just like how people talk in real life. Kind of like sitting with him on a porch and listening to his adventures – hard to put down. Check out Best Damn Garage In Town by Smokey Yunick. Years ago I had some questions about one of his magazine articles and called his shop, never dreaming that when I asked about it, they say, “Oh, you need to speak to Smokey, hold on.” Never in a million years did I think he’d take time to talk to me.