24 Nov 2012

Though I don’t have much faith in epoxy-based patching solutions for fuel tank leaks, there’s been a lot of progress in adhesives lately so it was given a try. The stuff has the consistence of play dough, which is stuck on the tank over the leak (turns out that there are/were two weeping leaks.) It “seems” to be fixed but only time will tell.

As for the rough-running, as Doctor Horrible said, “So close!”

People smarter than me with the KPro ECU asked some pretty obvious questions, like what are MAP, air/fuel ratio, and throttle position? Well, good questions. Connected the PC and it said that throttle position was “105%” all the time, no matter where it actually was. Hmmm. Pulled out the wiring diagrams and noticed that the wire colors on the throttle-position sensor plug were wrong – uh oh. Sure enough, I had swapped the MAP and TPS connectors, having completely forgotten that they’re the same size and pin-out. Cool, I thought, we’re good to go, uploaded the original fuel map, set fuel pressure back to 38 psi, and started it up. It started right up and idled smoothly, with no smoke, for about two seconds, then quits, so I’m still missing something. The fact that I could get it to idle yesterday implies the wiring is correct (other than the obvious goof) so I’m still stumped.