24 Oct 2010

The rear framework is coming along but there’s nothing worth posting – looks very similar to last week. Did make a slight mod, lowering the top rear edge some… you’ll see, and next weekend should see better progress. The rear cover framework should be done. After that’s done, things should move along fairly fast, since there’s little in the way of actual framework fabrication. Of course there’s still plenty of brackets and such: passenger seat mount, seat belt mounts, fire extinguisher mount, high center-mounted tail light bracket, rearview and side mirror mounts, and then of course lots of paneling. A lot more of the paneling will be made removable – as opposed to Kimini – as I’ve learned my lesson about accessibility!

In other news, I, the two beta-builders, and my volunteer copy editor are going to start reviewing the manuscript, starting the laborious but necessary task of sweeping through the chapters to start cleaning up, reorganizing, clarifying, and sometimes deleting unnecessary stuff (sometimes I tend to go off into the weeds, topic-wise…)