24 Sep 2009

Received several sets of springs; the “winning couple” will serve as the shifter centering springs.

Made the big purchase today for what I hope is all the 321 stainless tubing necessary to make the turbo exhaust manifold. To save time, the supplier is making two two-into-one collectors to fit my divided T03 flange. They’ll have double-slip joints to prevent cracking of the header assembly. Yes I could make them myself, and as much fun as it would be, it takes a long time to get all the angles right. I’ll derive as much fun putting the rest of it together 🙂

Being a divided turbine means running two wastegates. Thinking it through I’m almost sure one big wastegate can work, running a divided tube right up to its valve face. However, big wastegates are very expensive, much more than two smaller units with an equivalent larger total valve area. Of course, had I included the additional tubing into the cost calculations, it might have been smarter just to use the large one…

Anyhow, running two wastegates means running a tube out each side of the turbo flange, with the forward one having to do an unfortunate U-turn to get it to the rear of the turbo, but oh well. If this isn’t clear it will be once the build starts. Until the tubing shows up, there’s a shifter to finish and virtually all of the electrical.

In other news, I saw several car trailers heading to San Diego for this weekend’s Vintage Race weekend. I took Kimini to that several years ago and several people asked if I’m going this year… nope. If I’m there it’ll be bugging me that I’m not working on the car because Sunday is Build Time.