25 Jul 2010

Things are moving along and the weekend sure passed quickly: coolant bleed lines and the rest of the aluminum coolant lines are in, finishing the cooling system… pending replacing the O-ring I destroyed, vacuum lines are run, wired the new injectors, added zip-ties here and there. For a change of pace, decided to see what a wheel and tire look like on the car, but doing that took the entire day, making the bottom pivot shaft and rod-end spacers. It was hard to get a decent picture of how the wheel and tire look on the car (“huge” is the term), given that’s it’s in a cramped garage. I’ve been reminded that it’s about time for some whole-car pictures, which will be taken after I have at least the right side wheels and tires on it. Still left to do is wire the boost controller, switch, and clean up the harness right at the ECU.