25 Mar 2014

I bought an air-powered right-angle drill from Harbor Freight – only top of the line here! For as often as I’ll use it it’ll be fine. I realized that drilling into a blind hole where I can’t see the steel bolt – in an aluminum block – seemed like trouble. I could just imagine the drill slipping off the bolt and boring a hole into the block. A spare chunk of Delrin was turned into a drill bushing, and as the Brit’s say, it worked a treat. A stubby extractor backed out the trouble-maker no problem, and presto, the two parts were back together again. For now I’ve substituted a Honda upper bolt while thinking about what to do about this mounting arrangement.

This was all supposed to happen on Sunday, except that I was directed to clean up “her half” of the garage, which wasn’t all bad because all sorts of new space was found. During the clean up I found my old car trophies, and it’s funny how they’re cool to get, sit on a shelf for a while, then go into a box forever. It also has something to do with losing a parent and questioning what’s important… old trophies, meh, not so much. It also helps to have a small house to foster the habit of not collecting a bunch of “stuff.”