27 Feb 2018

It sometimes seems to take women forever to get really ready to leave. Reminds me of a comedian who said that when your wife says she’s ready to go, it means you can watch the second half of the game and not hold her up.

Anyway, with the “storage area” of the garage freed up, work continues on pulling the engine. Interesting what you find when you take apart a car when you think there’s nothing wrong:

Leaves, dead bees, and small rocks in the intercooler – surprising given how little time the ducting has been in-place.

A braided-stainless oil line that passes right next to the alternator bracket, where the two are wearing into each other.

Found the mystery oil leak that’s been messing with me every since the engine was installed. I’ll get a better look once it’s pulled out but there’s strong evidence of a casting flaw that’s allowing oil to leak right through the pan. Will either weld it or use something like JB Weld or even gasket sealer.

Will probably pull the drivetrain tomorrow, then immediately drive the transmission to WaveTrac to have the axle CV housing removed and get the differential fixed. They don’t want me hanging around, waiting for them to remove the axle part, so it means delaying getting the fully running. The reality though is that the delay probably won’t matter because it takes a lot longer connecting everything back together than removing it, and then there’s the side project of correcting the rearr engine mount.