28 Aug 2009

There’s s line in the movie “Biloxi Blues” that goes something like: “It’s hot – damn hot – Tarzan couldn’t stand this heat.” That’s pretty close. At over 100 in the garage nothing’s going on until the oddly-and accurately-predictable end-of-August heat passes.

However, good progress is being made on the electrical system, which can be worked on in the house where it’s only 90 or so. The lighting drawing is done plus the fuse panel-to-ECU-to-engine interface. Remaining is the dash, wipers, and where to add various harness connectors. The dash “should” be straightforward since the flat-panel is a one-wire connection to the ECU, monitoring various system variables.

One annoyance is that the Race Technologies dash ECU interface provides a DB-9 and the Hondata ECU has a USB connector. Posting about this on the RT Support forum netted this response: “The [Hondata ECU] does work with our ECU adapter. We’ve done a number of installs with this type of ECU and it’s working very well.” What I needed to know is, do I buy (another) serial adaptor or, what wires do I need to cut and jump, instead of the Corporate Reply saying there’s nothing wrong. I’d like to see a picture showing how they plugged a DB-9 into a USB socket… Nice try but come on guys.

Anyhow, until the heat lets up, work will continue on the wiring drawings. Oh, and I received a contribution of a Miata shift knob for the project, thanks Zach!