28 Feb 2009

Worked on the rear suspension pickup points; the bottom frame is tacked up. Once the tubing was in place it became clear that the lower pickups could move forward about an inch. This gives the lower arms more of a straight shot at the uprights which is good structurally. It also frees up more space for the muffler, that’s good, too. It does place the lower triangulation tubes close enough to the transaxle that a (useless) tab sticking out the side of the tranny has to get trimmed, not a problem.

Things were going okay when, within 15 minutes I cut myself, twice, the second time enough that I had to stop to not drop blood everywhere. This is always a sign that I’m not “at one” with the project and if I continue, something worse will happen. So, done for the day, time was spent on the gas tank assembly – in CAD – where’s it’s harder to injure myself.