28 Feb 2012

Things weren’t looking good for the remaining baby hummingbird, in the nest alone as of last evening. Last night was pretty bad, hard cold rain, fair-sized hail(!), and strong wind. Worst of all, the nest has no protection whatsoever so I expected the baby to be dead today, frozen, beaten to death by hail, and/or blown out of the nest. Got a surprise after getting home today – both babies were in the nest and mom and dad were taking care of them! It was very surprising that a baby that had already left the nest had returned (perhaps having gotten beat up last night and cold and hungry). This is posted in spite of being reminded that “yeah but how’s the car coming along?” Summed up, if reading about birds is a bother,┬ádon’t. I add such things because there’s more to life than just cars – it’ll get done regardless. Small diversions like this serve to keep people – okay, me – grounded in what’s important. So there.