29 Jan 2009

The engine builder I wanted to do the work never answers his e-mail and while he might be really good, not corresponding with potential customers just isn’t acceptable. So… a change of plans; I’m going to build it myself – with help. Very fortunately for me, is a coworker buddy was one of the top Honda engine builders back 10 years ago and has agreed to mentor me on the build. Even better, he has all the special measuring and assembly tools for the job – pretty darn cool. Anyhow, first thing on the list are Pauter connecting rods with EDM-drilled holes to lubricate the wrist pins. The exiting oil also splashes onto the bottom of the piston to help cool them, avoiding the task of installing oil squirters in the block.

Pistons are next but will take a bit more effort to define. The manufacturer has a big form to fill out and I don’t know half the parameters. We’re going with custom pistons with a few “enhancements” which should make them live a long time. Granted I’m not building a 1200 hp engine but whatever can be done to make it very reliable engine is worth doing.

The timing should work out about right. The rods and pistons won’t show up for probably a month, giving time to build the chassis around the drivetrain enough to know where everything goes. Starting to get exciting.