29 Nov 2012

Ordered the windscreen, plus a spare, roughly $90 each CNC-cut and delivered. They’re going to send a CAD drawing to sign-off on; can’t blame them as apparently they get people complaining that their stuff doesn’t fit, which they made exactly as ordered. They have clear, plus very light green, and very light gray glass. I ordered the green but am wondering how green it really is. The idea is that a slight tint would be nice, and it would go along with the gray chassis and light green panels. However if it’s too green, either the gray or clear might be better. Probably have about a day to make up my mind.

Speaking of green, it’s time to start finishing the external panels for paint, which means finding a decent paint shop in town. That shouldn’t be a big deal, though fussing with the Dzus fasteners on the engine cover might take a while. Then there’s finalizing the fit-up between the nose and front cover; the nose flange doesn’t follow the curve of the outer surface, so there’s a big gap between the two. The panels need final touch-up, sanding, then Alodine coating before paint.

Oh, and I was reminded that this project, from beginning to end, is fast approaching its 5-yr anniversary. Hmmm, what could be done to celebrate that, I wonder 😉

And finally, work on the book continues. The bulk of it is there but it’ll take some serious finishing, plus adding more pictures. Probably going to be 400 pages by the time it’s done.