29 Sep 2010

I followed a link back regarding the results of Midlana’s dyno test. It was interesting reading the comments, some of which dismissed the 409 whp as “lame.” I didn’t bother registering to comment, but wanted to ask the poster how much would have been enough. Have any of them driven a 1500 lb car with 400 hp? Have any of them managed to get this power to the ground in such a light car, where it’s like having 800 hp in a 3000 lb car… is that enough? Have any of them made 800 hp on 91 octane pump gas? Would 800 hp that hits like a freight train only at the top end be “better?” Amateurs.

In other news, been thinking about the rear end styling. Between a few helpful comments and some sketches, I may try out a few new ideas in cardboard to see how it looks. No matter what’s decided upon, a decision has to be made.

Speaking of registering, when I explained my inability to log into a car forum, a buddy asked, “Is that such a bad thing?” Huh… no. Frees up time for working on the car and book, doesn’t it?