3 Dec 2010

Set out to do the big side panel but before that could be done, the inner panels aft of the radiator really need to be done first. That lead to deciding the panels ahead of those need to really be done first, a couple of which bolt to the nose. And that lead to deciding the hood and nose will tilt up, which means a hinge is needed. So as a result the day was spent cutting out lots of cardboard patterns many times, trying to settle on a simple design before committing to metal. That’ll happen tomorrow.

Changed plans slightly on the rear lights, going with two amber units for the turn signals and the two-circuit red units for stop and running lights. It was pointed out that I may be pushing my luck having non-red lenses (as in getting a potential fix-it ticket.) However, I’ve been seeing brand new OEM cars with clear lenses just like these so I don’t think that rule is being enforced any longer (wishful thinking perhaps.)

Also discovered that our kitchen refrigerator is slowly losing its mind. Even with its temperature setpoint at 37 degrees, it’s at 28… freezing everything. The damper is hidden too well to make diagnosis easy, if that’s even the problem. Too expensive to just start replacing stuff, which means calling a service guy, which will be expensive… or less expensive if he correctly diagnoses it the first time, unlike me. Going to be expensive either way, but we can’t have our food freezing up either.