3 Feb 2009

Almost but not quite. I ordered an identical gas filler (even used the same part number as last time) from Aircraft Spruce. Their website is a bit, um, 1990’s, lacking¬†pictures so you really never know what you’re ordering. They don’t even list brand names so you can’t confirm the item on the actual manufacturer’s website what you’re ordering and, surprise, it’s the wrong part. Anyhow, while the front (shown) is the same, this version is intended to bolt directly to a gas tank. Unfortunately I need the panel-mount unit that connects to a hose that runs to the tank. Not cheap (and a lot more expensive than last time I ordered one) but so good-looking I can’t resist, again.

It was pointed out that perhaps I shouldn’t be building an engine at the same time I’m building everything else. It’s a very valid point, potentially having to sort both suspension issues and engine problems can be very non-productive. I absolutely agree but can’t help myself, it’s a mental thing. When the car is “done” I really want it to be done, not with a potentially tired-out engine of questionable health that may or may not be reliable. Yes, it could get a leak-down check and just call it good but I just want to do the whole job up front. There are other issues, too, that regardless if the engine’s built or not it still has to be tuned since it has an aftermarket computer. I’m going to have it professionally tuned so in one afternoon it’ll be ready to go. Also, for the first track event I’ll probably crank the boost down in order to concentrate on handling issues (like there’d be any of those, phffft.)

Cooper-Dog at my feet, a drink on the table, Stranglers and The Stray Cats on the headphones, working on the manuscript, life is good.