3 Mar 2018

Drivetrain reinstallation should be complete tomorrow. The goal is to have the garage cleaned up before she gets home.  It will be, well, all except for one rear wheel and tire because I don’t have the driver’s-side CV cup back yet.

Speaking of that, the differential shop said they were able to remove it without damage and also fixed the differential. The transmission will be picked up this coming week and then it’ll go up for sale.

Pictures from today show there’s a lot of stuff in a twin-scroll turbo car with a dry sump! Several hours were spent looking for hoses touching anything else and they got the dual zip-tie treatment to keep them from abrading.

The last shot is a reminder to all builders to always snip off the left-over tang on Nylon zip ties. I can’t count the number of times an overlooked one caused needless bleeding.