I couldn’t access a slip roller and gave up on trying to bend 0.080″ aluminum into a cylinder. The pieces will just be too visible for something beaten by hand to pass inspection. For that reason, two 12″-lengths of 4″-diameter aluminum tubing were ordered through Mcmaster.com. As said before, they’ll be cut lengthwise to sit on the ends of the tanks, and starting out as tubing means they’ll look a lot better than whatever I’d have come up with.

Saturday morning, took the argon tanks over to be filled and surprise, I forgot that the welding shop had a new owner, who apparently decided to take Saturdays off. Fine. I didn’t feel like doing anything in the garage so instead the day was spent working on the new website. I work with this stuff so rarely that every time it’s like starting over, but the website building program WordPress certainly helps. Things are moving along, lumps and all, and I try to work on it a bit each evening.

My brother signed up for the Virginia City (Nevada) Hill Climb. It’s not held until late August but even that far out, I’m not sure Midlana will be fully sorted by then, meaning engine received, installed, running, tuned, and intercooler ducting figured out. We’ll see how it goes, but the closer the date comes the higher the entry fee gets, currently at $600. Ugh… the cost of our fun.