30 May 2010

With the help of neighbors, the chassis was lifted off the table and sat on the floor, the table moved out of the garage, then the chassis sat back on the sawhorses. Sunday, the engine was reinstalled. Each time I put it back in, I’m reminded that whoever – cough – designed this thing didn’t leave a ton of room around the engine. Oh it goes in fine, but it’s close. Messed around figuring out where the coolant header and overflow tank will go, and they fit, just.

The sawhorses are set as low as they can go. I’d like it to be a bit lower (would have made drivetrain reinstallation easier) but didn’t want to buy new sawhorses. I forgot to take a picture while the chassis was sitting on the floor… it’s really low, almost shockingly so. Guess you have to wait until it’s on its wheels to see for yourselves 😉

First thing to do is clean up and reorganize the garage. Looking like the morning-after, the garage’s a mess because my lazy place to pile everything is now gone – housecleaning is in order.

So now the big push starts, since with the engine in place, the clutch line can be measured, the cooling system finished up, and the turbo compressor-side plumbed, plus the many odds and ends completed before pushing it onto a trailer and taking it to the tuners. I feel a bit conflicting right now, happy that the project’s moving much faster than Kimini, but there’s still very much the sense that while 10 million things have been dealt with, there’s still a million or so to go…<br><br>

As a background task, the wiper system’s being thought about. It’s looking like the cowl may change a tad, adding a front frame like the one around the dash. Doing so makes the cowl easier to fabricate, though I may get stuck making a new one. Haven’t checked to see if it’s as simple as removing the existing flange yet off the existing cowl.

Still debating whether to do the brakes (including the emergency brake) before tuning. It all has to be done eventually, though the draw is strong to reach the mile-post of just getting it tuned. That in itself is a substantial achievement, no longer wondering if it’ll run right when completed. Nice to know that once tuned, there’s a solid sense that it’ll “just work” once everything else is finished.