30 Sep 2009

The great performance of 321 stainless comes at a very steep price, but it shouldn’t fail, ever. Part of the reason it’s so expensive is having two 2-1 collectors fabricated, with double-slip joints no less.

Been doing a lot of thinking about how to solve the cable drag problem with the shifter. After talking it through with some engineer buddies, it seems the best way is to remove the offender, the cable handling lateral shifter motion. But, doing so means admitting I messed up, so it becomes an issue of how to fix it and not let my ego get in the way.

With Kimini, and now Midlana, I’ve done pretty well getting things right the first time, so in the rare case it goes wrong, it doesn’t sit well – at all. A sense of failure, along with the lost time and wasted money, is a bitter pill to swallow. Part of me wants to put blinders on and just say, “It’ll be fine,” moving on to other parts of the car – you know, ignore it and it’ll go away. But for this particular problem it’s enough of a concern it has to be dealt with. All it takes is one single mis-shift, going from second back into first instead of third, and it’ll grenade the engine… what’s prevention of <em>that</em> worth? More testing this weekend.