30 Sep 2012

Odds and ends, clamping down wires and hoses, wrapped the engine wire harness, installed rivnuts, made a brass fuel pick-up for the tank. Messed with the bump-steer issue a bit but there’s no way round making a proper bumpsteer gauge. Also been working on the manuscript, filling in missing or weak areas… which reminds me. I keep getting pinged by people asking when they can buy the book, and the answer’s always the same. First the car has to be finished, then taken to a trackday event, then the manuscript fully finished, edited, and then it’ll be ready. Said another way, it’ll be done a several months after the car is. Sadly, not by the Christmas shopping season 🙁

In other news, there were two pictures this week that I found very striking, the first was taken by the Hubble space telescope, to see just how far it could see – pretty freekin far! There’s around 5500 galaxies in that one picture. The second picture is the work of Dirk Dzimirsky. Click on the link before reading further…

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it? Until you find that it’s not a photograph all, but pencil on paper – he drew it!