31 Dec 2014

Snow came within about five miles of here, pretty cool. With the storm gone and the skies clear, it’s going to get even colder tonight – bad news for our simi-tropical area where people grow just about anything.

Here are the promised pictures of the air box redesign. The pictures pretty much show everything, accomodating wildly differing filter thicknesses; the first picture shows a K&N filter on top of an Amsoil filter – pretty huge difference! What prompted the project to happen now was finding a reasonably priced bell-mouthed inlet. I may have gotten a little carried away with the bell and segmented intake but that’s what it took to make it flow and fit at the same time. The cardboard mockup proved its worth, catching the detail that the taller Amsoil filter element won’t fit a sloped or ramped box so it was replaced with a rectangular design.

As an aside, when I visited K&N, they politely pointed out that I had their filter element installed upside down. It doesn’t hurt anything but looking at how the Amsoil filter is constructed, it could become an issue if I let the filter get dirty, causing the turbo to suck the filter element downward. I’ll keep an eye on it; one fix is to have a support just below the filter element – or just don’t let the filter get dirty! It could be asked, why didn’t I just design it the right way the first time? It was because I had no idea how the filter element was oriented in an OEM application, and I didn’t feel like building an entirely new one this time.

As is tradition, this build diary will join those in the “Old Diaries” link and a new “Current” build diary will begin with the new year for the next entry.