31 Jul 2009

I think part of the reason for the lack of motivation is that work is now shifting from the fun big stuff to all the small fiddly stuff. I had a flashback of fabing the suspension brackets on Kimini – they took forever and were a real mental drag – real familiar… I now remember being told by a chassis fabricator that brackets take a disproportionate amount of time. He said there’s two parts to building a chassis: tubes, and brackets. Tubes are fun, like building a house; big pieces going up which give a great since of progress. Brackets? Ugh, they take longer than the chassis and after a full day of work there’s often little to show for all the work.

Anyway, turns out there’s a bit more to the intake manifold I picked up; apparently the seller knew about as much as I did. Turns out it’s a high-performance part that’s hard to find so instead of selling or swapping it I’ll modify it to work.