31 July 2014

Over the last week about 200 miles was put on the car, cruising up and down the coast, racking up miles testing out the new turbo and generally checking out overall reliability. As far as the engine goes, well, wow. My favorite thing to do is head up freeway on ramps and really get on it. The last time I did that I could hear and feel the tires start slipping in second gear – nice. It really keeps your attention and it accelerates so fast there’s simply no where to stay on it more than a few seconds – I can live with that 🙂

This weekend I was on-duty and had to go into work. I double-checked the weather forecast and headed in, driving Midlana. Got about half way and splat, “What was that?” Splat, splat, “uh oh.” Yup, it started raining. As it got heavier I weighed pulling under a freeway overpass and waiting it out, but it never really let loose (after all, it IS California so we know the rain’s just teasing). It gave a chance to check out airflow over the windscreen and somewhat surprisingly, there wasn’t any. That is, the rain drops never moved from where they landed, up, down, or sideways. Huh. Anyhow, the rain moved on, leaving a damp freeway and I saw in the mirror that I was throwing up enormous rooster tails of mist, something I’m sure endeared me to everyone following immediately behind. Took the next exit to work, which happens to be near a Home Depot, and bought a small tarp just in case. It now lives under the doctor’s bag of tools in the front of the car.

As far as the continued reliability testing goes, well it worked: the stupid alternator bolt broke again, this time the one I cut really short and used as a simple guide pin. Okay, the gloves come off – the upper alternator mounting will be redone, with a steel substructure picking up several bolts on the block to fully triangulate the mount – I’ve had enough of this nonsense.

In other news, my brothers LS-power Super Stalker will likely be done in time for the SCCA Runoffs in Laguna Seca. Our plan is to drive both our cars up (just as spectators) which is 350 miles each way. A flaky/unreliable alternator bracket isn’t acceptable…