4 Jul 2009

So at night we put Midi outside in his dog run to keep him from doing mischief in the house. At about midnight he starts barking, and barking, and barking. It’s driving me nuts; it’s driving the neighbors nuts… I have to do something, so I let him out of his dog run to give him access to the yard. I go back to sleep and about 20 minutes later am awakened by someone pounding on the back door. It’s Midi on his hind legs, pawing at the door. I try to ignore it and, sensing this, he starts barking, and barking, and barking. During the week this will be totally unacceptable.

So he finally broke my will and I let him in and, once he’s near us, he’s the best behaved boy in the world, but I’m not sure I trust him to wander around the house at night looking for something to chew on (and we don’t know if he’s housebroken.) So I lie down on the sofa and try to go to sleep with him on the floor next to me. He wakes me up every time he changes position because I’m concerned he might get into trouble – nope, never happened, apparently he is already housebroken, or really smart. I woke up wondered how exactly this little hairy kid has already manipulated me into doing exactly what he wants – crafty he is.