4 June

The first heat wave of the season made it too unpleasant to work in the garage. Instead, the air conditioner was set up, wired, and the lines vacuumed and back-purged. Opened the refigerent valves and nothing horrible happened, so now part of the house can be pleasent during our annual heat. For me, getting a good night’s sleep is the biggest reason to have AC. With a SEER rating of 30.5, it’s crazy-efficient, claiming to run an entire “season” (definition unknown) for $70 – that’s pretty good.

My brother’s running his newly-repainted car at Buttonwillow this weekend where it’s 106 degrees (“it’s a dry heat”). He said on Saturday three cars broke that he knew of, a Volvo wagon, an STi, and a stock car type vehicle that pretty much burned to the ground (driver fine). It’s just another reminder that even though it isn’t real racing, there are still consequences of heading out on track. He also said there were three Vipers, two of which had race slicks and one was a hardcore track-only beast, and he passed them all on street tires – pretty sweet.

The duck nest didn’t last long; mom duck didn’t choose a secluded enough location and crows got at the eggs. She keeps showing up, her hormones telling her she’s supposed to be sitting on the nest yet there’s nothing there any more. Nature is very efficient.