4 Nov 2009

All better now, don’t know what I had.

Got the CNC-cut A-arm patterns. They’ll help trim a ton of time off making the fixtures.

There a saying that we’re all connected by no more than seven people; that is, you know anyone through at most seven people. Every once in a while I find a new link. My boss at work told me how his dad was a doctor who did house-calls. One day he gets a call that someone at a local hotel had a cold and needed a visit. So he packs his bag, heads over, and is puzzled how he’s “checked out” first. Then he meets his patient… Elvis. So between me and Elvis there’s only two intermediaries.

Then I started thinking of how many others have only one intermediary: Clinton, Janice Joplin, John Wayne, Colin Chapman, Patton. Smokey Yunick was zero (talked to him on the phone.) Dan Gurney, saw him. Oh, then there’s Hubert Humphrey.