4 Sept 2019

Finishing up in the appearance department, the intercooler was painted and now the car looks a lot more finished. While still motivated, the right side panel was also opened up; it remains to be seen what its effect on cooling is.

In other news, the replacement cross feed screw for the lathe arrived. Disassembly of the existing cross slide screw showed the expected signs of a hard life; the middle portion is much more worn than the ends. The current thinking is to machine down the replacement screw and press/pin it to the front portion of the existing assembly. That seems easier than trying to machine the entire thing, though I might change my mind later. The bronze split nuts are also heavily worn and can be rocked back and forth on even the new shaft. I’ve never purchased bronze before and was surprised that a 1.5 x 1.5 x 6″ piece is $60 (from McMaster).

The good news is that I have a buddy who has this same model lathe will be making the same repairs. He already has the oddball 7/8-8 LH tap, necessary for making new nuts, and I can probably sell him half the section of bronze. Anyway, that, the electronic lead screw, and wooden gear clock will get more attention after the hillclimb.