5 April

Went on a short business trip out to southern Arizona and was very impressed with the area; the high desert is surprisingly green this time of year. Turns out that the area actually gets more rain than we do here and while it gets a bit colder in the winter, it doesn’t get as hot as here in the summer – I didn’t expect that at all. Other surprises included gas being a full 30% cheaper, and there were a TON more cops on the road. Without exaggeration I saw more cops there in one day than I do here in a month. Also talked to a gun enthusiast there who matter-of-factly said that fully-automatic weapons were perfectly legal, as are suppressors (silencers) – a totally different world.

The situation at my day job has changed a bit; we’re now taking turns at one-week on-call sessions, so it’s random chance how our “spare time” goes. So far I’ve gotten a bit beat up over the last three days and it made progress on the car impossible. The good news is that the AIM MXS dash arrived, though I haven’t yet connected the all-important CAN bus to the ECU to see if it “just works.” Assuming that the interface works, there’ll still a week or two of configuring and scaling various sensor channels.

My brother says there’s another track day at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana in about a month, so the timing is right. I’d really like to get a “rematch” with Willow Springs though. As you may recall, my weekend was cut short due to some bonehead installing the fuel filter backwards and it cutting off fuel flow. Would be nice to get back out there and see how Midlana does – before it gets too hot.