5 Dec 2010

The radiator ducting took a while due to the coolant lines and steering shaft being in the way, but they’re done, in cardboard at least. After messing with that it was tempting to see what the car will look like with the rest of the exterior panels – it’ll do 🙂

Also show is the access port for getting at the lower rear inboard front suspension pivot. It’ll look nice because it’s hidden, but a pain to get to unless they have a cover to get in there. A smaller issue is the radiator exit ports. While starkly functional they don’t look all that great, sort of unfinished. Options are to leave them as-is, cover with screen, or perhaps fabricate some really big louvers. Still time to settle on something.

There’s still lots to be done: footwell, center tunnel, and the firewall area. After that, hmmm, a million little things: rear screen install, holes for the rear lights, third taillight mount, front cover fab, seatbelt mounts, passenger seat mounts, and front caliper bracket fabrication, needed for the first drive down the street and back. Then there’s other fiddly stuff: a dead pedal, foot rest, cup holders (really), side mirror mounts, rear view mirror mount. The build is slowly heading towards hours of fun fabricating brackets! Getting there though – no complaints.