5 June

So I’m reconnecting everything to the engine, starting with the oil system. Cleaned out the oil lines and found more FOD from the old engine breakage. Was just about to reconnect the oil/coolant heat-exchanger when I had the following conversation with Voice In My Head (VIMH):

Me: “Time to connect the oil/coolant heat-exchanger.”
VIMH: “Making good progress.”
Me: “Thing is, I found enough junk in the hoses that I think I should check the heat-exchanger.”
VIMH: “Nah, it’ll be fine.”
Me: “Yeah but the exchanger is directly downstream of the dry sump tank, which had crap in it.”
VIMH: “If you worry about every little thing you’ll never get it done.”
Me: “The more I think about it the more it seems like there’ll be junk in it.”
VIMH: “It’ll slow you down, just push forward and stop wasting time.”
Me: “You know, how about you go sit in the corner and I disassemble it and find out.”

Good thing I did. While it is upstream of the oil filters, them having to catch every bit of bad stuff from getting into a brand new engine is really poor form. Yeah, much of that grit is dirt from the outside surfaces, and while most of the metal is aluminum, not all of it is, so cleaning wasn’t an option. That last picture is a single bit of hard aluminum that was wedged in one of the screened dry sump pan pick ups, which would have gone through both the scavenge and pressure sections of the pump – no thanks!